Mad Madame Lalaurie

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We present to you (in no rational order) some links related to New Orleans, the Lalaurie legend, and anything else we found intriguing.

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Strange True Tours
The first tour in New Orleans to tell the true story of Madame Lalaurie, based on the book Mad Madame Lalaurie: New Orleans' Most Famous Murderess Revealed!

French Quarter Phantoms
The tour that inspired this book! Don't miss it!

Flanagan's Pub
Where French Quarter Phantoms tours start. Come early and have one of thier delicious po'boys!

Haunted History Tours

The House of Voodoo

Haunted New Orleans History

The Louisiana Historical Society

Voodoo Zombies on

How Stuff Works: Haitian Zombie Powder

New Orleans artist Ricardo Pustiano
Known for his portraits of Madame Lalaurie and the Devil Baby of Bourbon Street

Artist Paul Groendes
Who created the image of Madame Lalaurie on the Who Were the Lalauries page

Author Barbara Hambly
Whose "Benjamin January" novels are an amazing portrait of New Orleans in the 1830's

Author Lorelei Shannon
One of your humble co-authors

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Not the actual Devil Baby of Bourbon Street

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